Tuesday, November 28, 2006

December 2006

For December, one poem each from four poets: Bill Suter, Sandy Hiss, Pete Lee and Corey Cook and some pearls of wisdom: "Forgiveness is the final form of love." Reinhold Niebuhr.

Bill Suter

Trilogy in Four Acts


...and everything
I could have wished
was sealed up sweetly
in a kiss...

she seemed
immersed in jokes
so insular they'd
pass for x-rays

and yet this
awkward, stumbling
phrase possesses
certain larval charms

the love chant
of the blinded owl
the pure trill
of a flightless bird;

that the world
has blessed

Bill, by day, is an editor for a local newspaper; by night he writes creatively for magazines and e-zines such as this one. He's a 46-year-old film, art and literature buff whose interests also include history and psychology.

Sandy Hiss

Simply Origami

He tried to rip me apart,
Attempted to rearrange me
into his bird of paradise.
Put on display in the jungle
of bookshelves where love
gathered dust. And he tried.

His fingers rubbed pepper
red, tugging at the anger
that clung to his stubborn
whirls. His eyes burned from
the heat. But I was simply
origami, folded in the seams of

strength. A starling with
many songs to sing, flying
free on paper wings cradled
by azure skies. I would not
be molded by idle hands
with dirt beneath the nails.

Sandy Hiss' poetry has appeared in numerous online journals such as Scorched Earth, Autumn Leaves, Ken*Again, Thick With Conviction, Defenestration, Zygote in my Coffee, Words-Myth, Falling Star Magazine, and Edifice Wrecked. She resides in Wyoming with her two hyper children and Aquarian husband. She is also editor of Flutter, an online poetry magazine. Her first book of poetry, Ever Violet, by DN Publishing, will be out soon.

Pete Lee


first his stories disappeared
in my great-aunt's Baptist rage--
how she looked forward (when
he was alive) to sending them
the way of the wicked
Old West they were set in--

then, much later, his obituary
yellowed to (unreadable)
and was peeled from the album--
leaving only the hieroglyphics
of a travel piece
from the other side.

Pete Lee's poetry has recently appeared in Armada, Perigee, elimae, Right Hand Pointing, and other online literary journals. He lives with his wife in Ridgecrest, CA.

Corey Cook

- lake house -

i want to own a lake
house. a house on
an unpopulated lake,
but i've seen too many
episodes of Forensic
Files. if someone
was trying to kill me
in or outside my lake
house, no one would
hear, therefore, no one
would save me. so i guess
i'm stuck here, in
this house. this chair.
watching Forensic Files
with the shades up
so my neighbors
are able to see in.

Corey Cook lives in Contoocook, NH. His work has appeared in Children, Churches and Daddies, Down in the Dirt, Eskimo Pie, KuPoZine, Lone Stars, Red Owl and The Scribbler Ink. He works at a not-for-profit and edits The Orange Room Review with his wife Rachael.

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