Sunday, July 29, 2007

August 2007

This month: John DeLaurentis and Felino Soriano.

John DeLaurentis


Through the glass I see darkly,
The painting is marred by sweat,
The canvas has bled blood like tears,
At times its colors have disappeared.

But though the blank whiteness
Stands in front of the artist’s breath,
It desires a fresh coat of new colors,
Painted with the petrifaction of tears.

But the ken of the naked eye can’t see
All the dreams and visions spiritualized,
It only hopes to attempt to capture
The refractory mood of light.


The contortionist caught the eye
of the casual passerby
who contravened his condition.
This contest of agility,
Seemed a conundrum quite silly
to the nun from a convent nearby.

To her it seemed not conventional,
Quite contrary and not sensible,
To twist the body in unnatural ways.
But she smiled without control,
Then admonished him bold
to contribute to charity’s cause.


She stared into my eyes,
as if she wished to hook a line
onto the interior thoughts that
danced like marionettes in
the cortices of my mind.

Though I wished to let loose
the passion and fear, wrapped
up like a ball of string,
I could not seem
to find a way to unravel
the words on the tip of my
tongue and let them escape
into coherent sounds.

So she left with a smile,
but with eyes of defeat,
and as soon as she closed the door,
I coughed up syllables
that spilled onto
the paper that stared blankly
up at me, and taught me not
to give up after first sight.

John DeLaurentis received a B.A. in English and a minor in Modern Greek studies from Rutgers University, and a master's degree in English education from Rutgers Graduate School of Education. He is a Teacher of English and Creative Writing in his home state of NJ.

Felino Soriano

Rare is a Species of Underground Worth,
For Why Exist in the Fashion of Hiding?

Ornamented forms born beneath
specified light, whose unrefined genesis
wanting to be virtuosic schemas,
visualizing all aspects of articulate behavior.

Gauging various gradation,
conceptual philosophical reflection,
as in spiraled examples of
dialectical meaning,
movements spacing value,
visually processing modular tones
becoming no loner exiled.

Continuity develops a separate dialect,
splaying into an origin of metaphorical delusion,
birthing light of ornamented species,
gaining its development
from multiplying motions.

Though Relatively Unknown,
the Catalyst is Always Visible

Absent understanding of the awakened,
available visible, the taken care of
finds solace in solitude
behind closed off angles,
shadowed benevolence,
mechanical in movement,
multidimensional emotions.
Predetermination established
within a vernacular of certain believers,
those of a quality sewn into a fabric
invisible to others.

Ă  la mode in the tradition of
antiestablishment following mechanism
molds of
Enlightenment age philosophers
has become considered catastrophic in believability,
and if construed within the balanced
mind inappropriately,
an existence no longer can fathom
proper reality.

Felino Soriano, from California, currently studying philosophy, is employed as a behavioral assistant. Through his occupation he is able to counsel, create goals with, care for, and learn from developmentally disabled adults. His poetry appears or is forthcoming in Black Mail Press, La FenĂȘtre, Rogue Poetry Review, Blaze VOX, Ken*Again, Ann Arbor Review, Blue Fifth Review, among others.

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