Monday, August 25, 2008

September 2008

This Month Features Khadija Anderson and G. David Schwartz with Jennifer Wiehe

Khadija Anderson

Villanelle for Your Body

Your skin and my skin are the same
Collapsing together as one
in the mirror we play it again

Tendons run down your arm into hand
meant to grab clutch my body to yours
Your skin and my skin are the same

Inhale chests attach at each breath
skin swells on my belly my lips
In the mirror we play it again

Arm around me palm pressing my breast
your hand now is grasping my wrist
Your skin and my skin are the same

You finger each gasp of my skin
I worship your hands as they glide
your skin and my skin are the same

In the mirror we play it again


sacred things

we wish we could hold them
they exist in eros
exist in bodies
concave surface of reality
most misunderstand
myself yourself
we mix them up
not purposely
the holes we have created
some cracked surface
light piercing through
always light


may in deadwood, oregon

a sudden wind blew through the valley
sending wild cherry blossoms cascading
a torrent of pale beauty

we hiked into the forest
past hanging moss and cedar stumps
through silent alder

white percherons roamed freely
elk grazed across the meadow
it began to mist

Khadija Anderson is a Butoh dancer, poet, and alumni of The Evergreen State College. She just relocated back to Los Angeles after 18 years exile in Seattle. Khadija is a mother to 4 children, ages 23 to 5 and she collaborates with her eldest son in her dance company, Tanden Butoh. Her work has been published in Commonline Project, The Ticket, The Ark, Here & Now, online whispers & [Shouts] and Gazoobitales.

G David Schwartz and Jennifer Wiehe

Put Your Hands On My Shoulder

Put your hands on my shoulder.
Pull me close to you .
Touch your nose to mine and
Let what will be just be.
Oh, to let all inhibitions go
would be so grand.
It would be sheer ecstasy.
But it cannot go much farther
than us holding hands.

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