Sunday, June 29, 2008

July 2008

This month features Felino Soriano

An Assurance of Understanding

Including evaluation, sound tunnels
with open eyes, eyes in an
enveloping scope toward
drawing a body atop body,
facsimile of faith. A divulgence

called upon to incorporate consistency,
compatibility with that of
historical divulgences. Routine
repeats itself, repeats
because voice knows its body best.
Within circles
wings flutter a fathomed newness,
blinking eyes. This is the sound tunneling
amid the body of faith:

say to oneself a language of content—
darkness will control movement
by embrace, circling the body
dialect, calmly.

Intricate Steps Toward a Thing

Around the corner of the searching
a head deposits the eyes of the
use, the replacement of monetary
employment, the body circles itself,
the surroundings
finds a connection to a body of comprehension,
Easy to juxtapose
call/levitate, among a species of departing
atop earth's darkened need. The searching
equates to moments of paused
elapsed along an equator
halved into sectioned findings. The poetry
is here. A poetry is here. Reactionary
writing allowing for mirrors to ascertain
found echoes.

Regarding Specialized Time

Moments are when time intertwines
with elastic instants,
unrolling before the mind's
copasetic opening, a royal dexterity.

While irregular occurrences vanish
a mouth mutters within tone
-strange premises. Knowing
flash arrives after sound,
the tongue can whisper in disappointment.
We say betterment, the voice
of content crawls in dualism:

structured enhancement, allowance
within venerable bodies; the affected
cares for the contaminated,
erasing with body-thick
advancement of colorful

Felino Soriano, from California is a philosophy student and Case
Manager working with developmentally disabled adults. His chapbook
"Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes" was published by and is
available through Trainwreck Press, 2008. His poems appear or are
forthcoming at BlazeVOX, Sugar Mule, Zone, Unlikely Stories 2.0,
Clockwise Cat, and elsewhere. Visit for a
complete publication history and for more information.