Monday, November 30, 2009

December 2009

This month features G. Tod Slone and Ken Radu

G. Tod Slone

Statement of Teaching Philosophy*
(Or Recipe for Failure in Today’s American Colleges and Universities)

Go upright and vital, and speak the rude truth in all ways.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Self-Reliance”

Speak truth, write truth,
be aware of the blinders you adorn!

Speak truth, write truth,
dare remove them, here and there!

Speak truth, write truth,
be aware of the muzzle you have on!

Speak truth, write truth,
risk taking it off, now and then!

Speak truth, write truth,
toughen up
—don’t be so easily offended—
democracy depends on it!

Speak truth, write truth,
open your arms to criticism,
learn from it, create from it, and grow!

Speak truth, write truth,
never quell the speech you hate,
always welcome vigorous debate!

Speak truth, write truth,
thrive on logical argumentation
and supporting illustration
—tread always upon ad hominem!

Know what you gain from not heeding
these simple tenets—career, salary, friends,
invitations, publications, and grants—,
know also what you just might lose—
integrity, veracity, dignity, and self!

Speak truth, write truth,
question and challenge all dictums, ideologies,
and philosophies—and don’t ever forget
to question and challenge me!

Unemployed professor and founding editor of The American Dissident (

Ken Radu

Saturday Night

Stretched in the night he wakens
to sounds of thunder in the city’s heart;
sleeping’s hard when rain beats the glass
and his mouth is dry,
parched for a lover’s kiss,
a lover whose lips parted
from his so long ago
her name is a distant drop.
Over absence and her phantom scent
he shifts to lick
a desert where love used to be.

Orchard Poem

It was the time of blossoms
on the branches and the sun falling
like rain until the fields shone bright
and moist with light and your face
was tender fruit between my hands.
Your eyes greener than apples,
your hair dark threads
of the earth and your dress
rippled like a pool of sky.
It was the time for gentle words
to fall so we fell together
under the boughs while flowers
caught by the wind broke loose,
covered my back, tangled your hair,
and the bees roared in the trees.

Kenneth Radu's poetry and fiction have appeared in Leaf Garden, fourpaperletters, Opium 2, Camroc Press Review, Black Lantern, Spilt Milk, and elsewhere. A collection of his verse Treading Water was published by Oberon Press. He lives in Quebec.

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4evernite said...

Love Kenneth Radu's poetry... and the editor's poem could have, at times, come straight from my own heart.